If I tell you a very interesting story (pitch) that flows very well, you are *more likely* to believe it. But, you are also less likely to question the nuances of it.

Of course, in many cases, good impression is a result of good content, but can it also be the other way round <perception of good content>? Absolutely <note my confidence here> My impression of something/someone can be a result of some biases – confirmation bias to say the least.

> Passing on your judgement (that it’s great) on one good part of the story to the rest
> Applying heuristics like – referencing great people means more informed, more confident means more right, better looking slides means better prepared – more effort – more intelligent, blah blah blah
> Repetition – hearing it again and again makes it sound like the truth
> The brain simply prefers more coherent story that it can register easily without too much effort – and recall easily

All this makes a story/pitch more believable! Of course, the heuristics that I’ve mentioned work very well in general life. But when there is so much noise in the system, these heuristics need to be applied carefully. The brain will rush by default to using these heuristics especially when there is no time.

We tell people stories. But, we also tell <sell> ourselves stories – internal narrative!

*Note*: Stories are great way of passing down information, good practices and wisdom. Humanity has done it for ages. It is still the best way to communicate. But, there are nuances.

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