*This happened on the 11th of October, 2020 Sunday 5 PM IST.
**Find the deck below!

So, I have been receiving many queries on LinkedIn and Facebook for guidance related to careers in behavioural sciences and ways to learn more. I’ve tried to make some time for these queries but there are just too many sometimes with similar questions. 

I understand how useful some information can be because I didn’t have anyone to ask these things when I was just beginning. To save my time and yours, I thought we can get on a Zoom call and address these questions so that everyone benefits from it. 

Once we are through popular questions and questions submitted online, we can have a AMA like session as long as it’s not chaotic. Divyani and Pankti will be joining me for the chat. Kindly register below so I can share the link to the meeting. 

One thought on “Chat about Behavioural Science Career

  1. This is going to be really helpful for all aspiring to go down the behavioural econ path, all the very best Jafar, Divyani, and Pankti!

    I will attend the next one of you guys plan on having another session 🙂

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