A flâneur, interested in everything behavioural – that is almost everything! Some favourite topics – non-conscious processing, intuition, heuristics, emotions, empathy, memory, edutainment and storytelling! I can connect anything to anything if you give me the chance.

What am I doing here?
Sharing insights and my current thoughts based on learnings and observations. I am open to learning and updating my beliefs. I shall make mistakes and I want to make them openly <hence my name in the address>. I am trying not to use this space to rant.

What do I do otherwise?
I used to rent my time to a consulting firm that is working on some tough behavioural problems in the development sector. I got to work on some core development issues and learn a lot in the process – on the field and from people around me. The experience was very rewarding.

I co-founded the IBEN – an organization dedicated to democratizing and advancing behavioural science in India. I am working on others things now (BSD) – including bringing the BS and Design world together.

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PS: I try to respect some writing norms to the extent of making it easier to read. I do fail.